Questions and answers

How to allow access to the camera and microphone?

In order for you to be able to use video calls, you must allow browser access to the camera and microphone. The instructions vary for different browsers and operating systems:

Google Chrome, Android: see instructions.

Google Chrome, PC: see instructions.

Google Chrome, iOS: see instructions.

Safari, iOS

By default, Safari requests permission to use the camera and microphone. You can choose one of the options: "Allow" or "Cancel".

Safari access to camera and microphone

After choosing a setting, the permission (or denial) will be in effect until the moment you leave the site or reload the page. If you’d like to change your choice, just reload the page, and select the option that interests you.

Access can also be allowed without reloading the page. To do this, click on the “AA" characters in the address bar, go to the website settings and enable access to the camera and microphone:

Safari access to the camera and microphone for the site

In some cases, you need to allow Safari to access the camera and microphone. You can do this in your iPhone settings: Settings -> Safari -> Camera, Settings -> Safari -> Microphone.

Google Chrome, Opera и Mozilla Firefox

In the address bar, click on the lock image and allow access to the camera and microphone:

Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox access to the camera and microphone for the site

How to remain anonymous in chat?

We strongly recommend that you adhere to the following measures to maintain anonymity:

  • Keep all your contact information strictly confidential: phone number, email address, social media page addresses, city of residence, even your name.
  • Do not show your face in video chat, do not send a photo of your face in private messages to people you do not trust.
  • Do not follow suspicious links.
  • Do not contact via WhatsApp and Viber instant messengers. In Telegram, set the username so that your phone number is not visible.
  • Set up maximum privacy on social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki).

How to recognise a scammer in chat?

To protect yourself from scammers, please use to the following rules:

  • Do not use paid services of users whose account does not have the "Account verified" label.
  • Avoid users who immediately ask to continue communication in one of the messengers or email.
  • When communicating in a video chat, ask the user to show a certain gesture or talk through the microphone. Only when the user responds to your requests you will be sure that this is not a video record.

What does "Start a conversation to make calls and send files" mean?

Each user can set up a restriction on receiving files and calls limited to those users with whom there has already been a dialogue. Please note that you must receive at least two response messages for the dialogue to take place, otherwise you will receive a warning with the following content: "First start a dialogue with the user before sending files"

How to add a user to the blacklist?

Only registered users can add users to the blacklist. To add a user to the black list, click on the following button:

Button for adding a user to the blacklist

Blacklisted users will not be able to call you and send messages. Call restrictions do not apply to Chatroulette.

You can view and edit your blacklist in the settings panel.

How to add a user to favourites?

In order to add users to favourites you have to be registered. To add a user to favourites, click on the following button:

Button to add user to favorites

By adding users to favourites, you can set up to receive calls only from users from this list.

You can view and edit your list of favorites in the settings panel.

What does Account verified mean?

This mark means that the user has confirmed his gender and age. To get the appropriate mark, please contact the online chat support.

How to file a complaint against a user?

To be able to submit a user complaint you need to register first. To file a complaint, click on the following button and select the appropriate type of complaint:

Submit a complaint button

Users who violate the chat rules may receive various restrictions, up to account suspension.

How to remove dialogs?

To delete a dialog on a computer, hover over the dialog in the list and click the following button:

Delete Dialog Button on PC

To delete a dialog on a mobile device, move the dialog to the left and click on the "Delete" button:

Delete dialog button on mobile

The dialogue will be deleted only by you. Therefore, when new messages appear in the dialog, it can recover. The conversations can be deleted completely if the following conditions are met:

  1. Each of the interlocutors will delete the dialogue.
  2. The time interval between removal of dialogue by each of the participants is the time when new messages will not be received in dialogue.

Why can an account be blocked?

We strongly recommend that you use the chat within the terms of the user agreement. The team of moderators constantly monitors compliance with the rules of the chat participants. Users who violate the rules may receive some restrictions. Those who will cross acceptable limits of the user agreement will be completely banned to access chat. Here is a list of common reasons for blocking an account:

  1. Spam, promotional messages, mass mailing of contact information.
  2. Downloading prohibited files.
  3. Creating fake accounts.
  4. Misleading users about your gender.
  5. Using fake webcams and fake video in video chat.
  6. Access is restricted to underage users.
  7. Offering paid services without prior approval from the chat administration.
  8. Creating multiple accounts for one user.
  9. Blackmail, distribution of personal data, photos and videos of other chat users.

What does "User can record a video call" mean?

In most cases, this message acts as a warning to be careful to remain anonymous: do not show your face, do not send contact information. But in some cases, there may be a high probability that the user can make a video recording of the call. The algorithm for the appearance of such a message is not disclosed.

What does account verified mean?

This mark means that the user has confirmed their gender and age. To get the appropriate mark, please contact the online chat support.

Why was the gender of the account changed?

The gender of the profile may be changed due to complaints we receive from other chat users. If you think that the gender of your profile was changed by mistake, contact online support to confirm your gender with a short video call from the moderator.